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New Free Mini-Session Course Gives Students Critical Practice of Virtual Engagement in a Digital World

Dr. Cesare Wright teaching a technology classTechnology expert and Adjunct Professor Dr. Cesare Wright will offer a free, Microsoft FAST (future accelerated skills training) class teaching UST students the critical practice of virtual engagement in today’s online world. This no-cost course, UNIV 4393 or Critical Praxis in Virtual Engagement, consists of a Guided Microsoft Learn Lab, lectures and a Practical Applications Lab.

The course is online - with a combination of asynchronous and synchronous as the mode - during mini-session, which is  a new compressed track format starting Dec. 19 and ending Jan. 16. This multidisciplinary course is open to undergraduate and graduate students and will be held Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 2- 5:15 p.m.

This class is designed to highlight UST students’ well-developed soft skills such as interpersonal skills, communication skills, adaptability, and project management using the leading digital technology.

Key Topics and Learning Outcomes:

  • Video and audio production equipment – cameras, microphones, digital mixers, capture devices, etc.
  • Artificial and natural lighting strategies and equipment
  • Technical troubleshooting for virtual platforms and software
  • Audio/video enhancement software and apps – OBS Studio, Snap Camera, Blackmagic Desktop Video
  • Microsoft Teams and Teams Live 
  • Set decoration, visual storytelling, and creating personal branding/atmosphere
  • Event registration, advertising, and social media engagement
  • Event management and producing – scripting, content integration, multi-session strategies, event logistics
  • Engagement strategies and pedagogy for online learning and virtual experiences
  • AI and the Future of Virtual Engagement

Accelerate Houston's Workforce

Dr. Wright is in partnership with Microsoft, the software giant who has teamed up with Mayor Sylvester Turner and the city of Houston on a groundbreaking digital alliance to innovate in big data, artificial intelligence and the digital economy. Microsoft brings “Accelerate,” a new program to address economic recovery by skilling underserved communities and re-skilling the many Americans impacted by COVID-19. The collaboration aims to create new economic opportunity, close equity and digital skills gaps, and prepare a workforce for the 21st century.

Wright Brings Impressive Resume to UST

Wright has created and led a variety of technology and outreach courses. He earned his undergraduate degree from Rice University and taught there for seven years. While at Rice, he co-developed and launched the RCEL Certificate Program in Engineering Leadership. He has also created the internationally acclaimed Rice Drone Camp and Rice ELITE programs for K-12 students. His research interests center on the intersection of technology and culture, including such topics as digital media, artificial intelligence, drone technology, e-sports gaming and virtual and augmented reality. Wright also holds an MFA degree and is an award-winning documentary filmmaker.

Register for the Class

For more information, email TeachOnline@stthom.edu.

Registration information is UNIV 4393-MA. Class Nbr 2311. Please note that Dec 23 is the last day to add the classes.