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New M.A. in Theology Program Positioned as Premier Historical Theology Program among Newman Guide Schools

Theology Symposium panel members and with Dr. Jon Kirwan at theh podium.The new M.A. in Theology program has significantly expanded its curriculum to present the graduate degree as a premier historical theology program among the nation’s Newman Guide Schools.

Over the fall break, Dr. Jon Kirwan, director of the newly revamped M.A. in Theology Program, held an evening theology symposium, “Love of Tradition,” to highlight the purpose of the new program, which is to be “deep in tradition,” as St. John Henry Newman said. The well-attended event was held at the former Black Lab Pub to generate interest and promote the newly expanded degree program. 

Kirwan spoke along with a panel of five UST professors; Drs. David Deavel, Tom Harmon, Brian Carl, Andrew Hayes and  Sr. Albert Marie Surmanski, OP. Each talked for several minutes on various notions of Catholic tradition in the  patristic, medieval, and modern eras of theology.

The event was held on the Feast of St. John Henry Newman and began in Hughes House with a blessing of the new Newman Common room given by UST Chaplain Fr. Eduardo Rivera, CSB. Remarks were made by Executive Director of Arts & Sciences Dr. George Harne with a champagne toast by Division Dean for Liberal Studies Dr. Andrew Hayes. The attendees then walked to the Black Lab for food and drinks and the symposium.

Priests and religious, UST faculty, and local Catholic professionals were in attendance. 

“We wanted all three of these groups present, as each has a distinct audience for promoting the program,” Kirwan said. “The feedback was excellent, and many attendees remarked on their wonderful time and how they’d like to have more of these informal symposiums.”

New M.A. in Theology: Where Doctrine and Tradition Converge

“’Theology Live’ and ‘Aquinas Live’ are two marketing slogans that perfectly launch the exciting, new 36-credit M.A. in TheologyLive Classes, Live Professors, Live Discussions, which highlights the three pillars of the new program, making it unique,” Kirwan said.

1.      Faithful: The theology faculty and the M.A. program take the mandate of Ex Corde Ecclesiae seriously and are faithful to the teachings of the Church, and this realityplaces us among the graduate theology programs on the Newman Guide.

2.      Live Online & Live In-person: We are unique in that we offer a completely Hyflex format, which means live classes with both in-person and online students watching and interacting with the professors and their fellow students. All lessons are recorded to give students the added benefit of watching later (on demand) if their schedules don’t allow them to be in class.

3.      Deep in Tradition: The program is designed with very few electives. Instead, we want students fully immersed in the Catholic intellectual tradition, so the core of the program is 12 courses. Six of these are historical courses, which cover the patristic, medieval, and modern eras, and six are doctrine courses. The historical tradition is closely bound to Catholic doctrine.

Students may earn a B.A. or M.A. in Theology or a five-year B.A./M.A. The University also offers a five-year B.A./M.A. in Theology and Philosophy.  

Those with a Thirst to be Immersed in Catholic Intellectual Tradition Should Apply

“The program is geared toward Catholic adults serious about ministry and the intellectual life,” Kirwan said. “Most of our students are not looking to this as a career, although some want to teach theology or work at the parish level as DREs. Our students hunger to be immersed in the Catholic intellectual tradition and study the Church Fathers and Doctors with leading scholars. We don’t read piles of theology books which will be passé in a decade or two, but rather, we focus on the timeless theological works of our faith.”

Learn More or Apply

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