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New Space in Crooker Is Modern Mixed-Use Brilliance

New Student Life Center Is Right Across from UST’s Celt Café

All there is to miss when you walk into the Crooker Lobby is the hammering. In its place is the University of St. Thomas-Houston’s new Student Life Center for fostering community. Now, the expansive, mixed-use space features offices, capacity for events, lounging areas, a kitchen, recording studio, prayer room and small-group room. Moreover, the Center creates a collaborative space for two departments.

Director of Student Engagement and Leadership Shundeez Faridifar, ’19 MBA, said, “We are so excited to have this integrated space between Campus Ministry and Student Activities. This shared environment allows us to collaborate even more with one another.”

Student Life Center Is Easy to Find

The new Student Life Center, located directly across from UST’s Celt Café, occupies most of the east wing of Crooker.

“It’s a modern mix of space for offices, storage and lounging,” Faridifar described. “Large windows provide plenty of natural light to help our students relax and work. The large conference room is a perfect spot for events, meetings and informational sessions. The small-group room will host the Campus Ministry Small Groups, and the Prayer Room invites all students who wish to spend a private moment in reflection.”

Also, the Center provides a Paint Room where all student clubs and organizations can prepare for events and gather supplies.

What Came Before

Previously, this portion of Crooker was divided into three distinct areas. One was for Campus Ministry, and another was for Student Activities. The third housed a commuter lounge known as the Old Bookstore. Additional space for commuter lounging is now upstairs in what was previously the Council of Clubs Room.

Director of Campus Ministry Nicole Labadie said, “We are officially in the space and are excited to experience the fruits of having a shared Student Life Center. At the heart of good collaboration is good relationships with one another, and our hope is for student leaders and staff to continue strengthening relationships with one another through working and being present in this new space.”