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Newest Book of Literature by Rose Mary Salum MLA ’02

Author and Publisher Rose Mary Salum, MLA '02Rose Mary Salum, MLA ’02, writes for people eager to read literature and aware of what is happening in the world. Her newest work, “Donde el río se toca,” is comprised of nine short stories of fiction built on social commentary.

Salum explained, “In ‘Donde el Rio se Toca’ my characters are animals or insects I use in paradoxical situations to explore a common point of view we all have about reality. I’m trying to illustrate a truly narcissistic society where the absurd is perpetuated. I’m also showing how, in some situations, we are disenchanted but powerless to change what we see, like a cat sitting in a window.”

A Prolific Writer and More

"Donde el río se toca" by Rose Mary SalumThe “very curious” author and publisher of Lebanese descent, who was raised in Mexico City and lives in Houston, has published several essays and eight books of short stories so far. She writes in her native language of Spanish. However, some of her books have been translated into Italian, Portuguese, Bulgarian and English.

Salum founded an award-winning bilingual magazine called “Literal Magazine” and a bilingual publishing house, Literal Publishing, to “create a bridge between English-speaking and Spanish-speaking cultures.”

“I’m a very creative person,” she said. “Things changed for me the moment I understood that. When I use my creativity, everything flows differently, and I can express myself better.”

Recognized for her literary talent and accomplishments, Salum has taught as a visiting professor at the University of Iowa, Rice University, and the University of St. Thomas-Houston.

Salum Is Part of a UST Legacy Family

On a never-ending quest to learn more about ideas and what people think when they make the decisions they make, the lifelong Catholic earned her MLA from UST in 2002.

“I explored masters programs at several universities, but my husband (Antonio Simon ’77) graduated from UST and had such wonderful memories from there. And something I learned about UST is they always put their students first.”

Her son, Jose Antonio Simon '09, is also a Celt. And her daughter, Loris Simon, is currently getting her master’s in psychology at UST.  

More Works by Rose Mary Salum

In addition to “Done el río se toca,” Salum has authored “Otras lunas” (Los libros del sargento, 2022); “The Water that Rocks the Silence” (translated by C.M. Mayo and the winner of the International Latino Book Award and the prestigious Pan American Award Carlos Montemayor); “Tres semillas de granada. Ensayos desde el inframundo” (Vaso Roto, 2020) winner of the Florida Book Awards; “Una de ellas” (Dislocados, 2020); “El agua que mece el silencio (Vaso Roto, 2015); “Delta de las arenas, cuento árabes, cuento judíos” (winner of the International Latino Book Award); and “Spaces in Between.” She was the guest editor for “Hostos Review” with the issue titled “Almalafa y Caligrafía, Literatura de origen árabe en América Latina.”

Salum is presently at work on her first novel and feeling both “frightened and excited” about it. Look for her novel’s completion and release by the end of 2023.

“Donde el río se toca” is available on Amazon.