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Professor Campbell-Law a servant leader in mental health field

Dr. Lucindra Campbell-LawWith the announcement that Dr. Lucindra Campbell-Law has been appointed to the board of directors for The Harris Center Foundation for Mental Health and Intellectual and Developmental Disability, the UST-Houston Professor and Division Dean of Graduate Nursing Programs expands her servant leadership work even further in the community. 

The Cullen Trust for Healthcare Endowed Chair in Nursing already serves on multiple boards, including serving as vice president of the Association of Black Nursing Faculty and Bethel’s Global Reach boards.  

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Brings Relevant Expertise to BOD

Her latest appointment perfectly matches this psychiatric nurse practitioner with more than 40 years of experience in academia, research and practice. The Harris Center Foundation is the philanthropic arm of The Harris Center for Mental Health and Intellectual and Developmental Disability.

“The Harris Center Foundation supports expanding services to transform the lives of people who struggle with some form of persistent and pervasive mental illness,” Dr. Campbell-Law said. “Being an advanced practice psychiatric nurse practitioner, I bring a wealth of experience working with the mentally ill population. To help alleviate the shortage of psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioners in Houston and beyond, I spearheaded development of the Psychiatric Nurse Program with various degree and completion options at UST’s Peavy School of Nursing (PSON).”

She explained the population with mental illness is highly vulnerable. 

“As a healthcare provider, it is part of my job to reduce the stigma. I know all too well the potential consequences without treatment. Unfortunately, without access to such care, some individuals can end up in the criminal justice system.”

How to Choose Servant Leadership Positions

Campbell-Law says her servant leadership positions align with PSON’s overall mission and philosophy.

“I am dedicated to giving back to the community,” Dr. Campbell-Law said. “These service opportunities outside my role and responsibilities as PSON divisional dean of Graduate Programs at the University bring me a sense of purpose in that I have something to contribute.”

Part of what Professor Campbell-Law contributes is a selfless capacity to build relationships and a willingness to mentor and coach.

These qualities contribute to what consistently makes nursing one of the most trusted professions in America.