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School of Education Offers Innovative Online Dual Language Certificate

Given the need for teachers and administrators to acquire knowledge and expertise in Dual Language, coupled with the limited number of online programs offering this training, the University of St. Thomas’ School of Education and Human Services announces a certificate program that is an innovative immersion program in dual language for experienced teachers and administrators.

High-Demand Specialty, 7,500 Teacher Vacancies

“The Texas Education Agency reports that English Language Learners comprise the fastest growing student population in the state,” Dr. Ginny Torres-Rimbau, Professor and Director of UST’s Bilingual-Dual Language Program, said. “With a growth rate of over 200,000 students over the past seven years, the state reported over 7,500 teacher vacancies in the area of dual language education at the end of the 2017/2018 school year.”

Online Immersion Program Needed

“This dual language immersion certification will help prepare effective teachers and future leaders working in dual language programs in Houston, the state of Texas, and other states with similar needs,” Dr. Rimbau said. “Currently, more than 1,000 such programs are available in 20 states, which doesn’t cover the need for such a program.”

Five Courses, One-Year Commitment

The five-course sequence will provide knowledge in the following areas:

  • Design and implementation of programs
  • Policy issues and research underlying implementation of the program
  • Teaching reading and writing skills in two languages (Biliteracy)
  • Assessment of language and content in two languages

The dual language, immersion program design is for working professionals. The first four courses offered are two courses during the first summer, one course in the fall and spring; one course during the final summer semester. The program will begin summer of 2019.

All courses will be online and taught by the program director and adjunct professors with appropriate qualifications.

Certification Applicable Anywhere

“Given that the content of the program is not limited by differences in curriculum or standards adopted by any given state, the proposed program is applicable anywhere dual language immersion programs are implemented,” Dr. Torres Rimbau said.

Affordable Cost, Cohort Model

The cost of the program is $6,000 per student for five courses. Cost will include three textbooks and a language testing kit. A cohort is based on a minimum of 10 students per location. Location is a group of students in a participating district and/or location or proximity of prospective students (e.g. one given area in a state).

For more information, or to register, contact Dr. Rimbau at 713-525-3550 or rimbauh@stthom.edu.


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