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Try Good Eats, Great Options in Celt Café

Celt Cafe Remodeled and ExpandedOver the summer, the Celt Café has gone through a major transformation along with the first floor of Crooker Center. The appealing metamorphosis is not just the physical space, it includes new yummy food options prepared by Chef Chad Richard and his staff.

We listened about Food Quality, Good Food Available

“The UST community has always complained about the food quality at UST and we wanted to bring them a premier dining service to compliment the premier University,” Director of Dining Services Sean Manbode said. “We determined to give the UST community a unique experience different from just your standard cafeteria.”

Bigger is Better

The Café is growing in size too. Ahern Room has been annexed into the former cafeteria space and is now Santos, offering Mexican food options. Other choices include stations for pizza, home-style and grill. Healthy options in the way of fruit, salads and sandwiches are also available. 

Goodbye to Subway

Subway is gone, and the search is on “to bring a quality food service that the UST community will enjoy and cherish,” Sean said. “We felt Subway was not in the long term plans for UST Dining Services. Instead, we wanted to create a more distinctive brand, partnering with local businesses such as Katz Coffee (coffee brewing company) and other exceptional food organizations. 

Associate Vice President over Dining Services, H.E. Jenkins, said, “The work Sean and his staff are doing to create new menus has increased the food quality. Members of the UST community, who have experienced it since UST Dining Service took over, report the food quality and taste is better.”

“Anyone with an ID card can put money on their card and dine in the Celt Café,” Sean said. “Residential students in Guinan Hall will automatically be enrolled in the All Flex plan for $1,795. Those in Young Hall have a plan for $640.”

Faculty, staff and students can also enjoy the Golden Oolong Tea House, which serves healthy, refreshing beverages that are carefully brewed with fresh ingredients, including high-quality leaves imported directly from Taiwanese farmers. The Tea House is located in Moran Parking Facility facing the Campus Life Mall.

Catering is First-Class

Catering customers have discovered that the catering service on campus is unbeatable. “We invite everyone to put us to the test,” Sean said. “With an excellent team of professional catering staff and our chef who creates unique and exciting dishes, we are poised to offer everyone a truly remarkable experience.” 

More Good Choices to Come

Sean said, “In the near future, we plan to open the former Black Lab Restaurant as a coffee shop during the day and a pub during the night. . Also coming is all-you-can-eat options at the Café, so we can bring more choices.”

An Invitation to You

The Food Services staff invites everyone to come to enjoy the delicious food being served in the cafeteria.

“Come try UST Dining Services,” Jenkins said. “We are here to work with the UST community to build something one-of-a-kind, and we can only do this through constant communication and dialog with our community.”