14:51 PM

Two Newest Alumni Hires Join a Special Affinity Group

As the two newest alumni hires at University of St. Thomas - Houston assumed their roles within UST’s Marketing & University Relations group, they received a special welcome. Supervisors greeted Samantha Snow, BBA ’13, and Stephanie Canahuati, B.A. ’17, bearing gift bags filled with Alumni Association swag. The two now become part of a distinct UST Faculty/Staff Alumni Affinity Chapter.

Anissa Jones-Thomas ’99, an instructional designer at St. Thomas and a director of the Alumni Association, leads the campus affinity chapter with its 180 members.

“Our affinity chapter serves to celebrate and strengthen the special connection all of us feel to the UST mission and family,” Jones-Thomas said. “Pre-COVID, we would invite our members to activities like luncheons on campus and ice cream socials. We’ll have those gatherings again when it is safe to get together. And when we are all back in our on-campus offices again, we plan to honor and distinguish our alumni employees with office and/or desk name plates that include class years and a special red background.”

Jones-Thomas added that the nameplates also will communicate a common bond with current students visiting those offices.

Snow feels energized in her new role as a Marketing Manager with the Program Marketing team. She puts her focus on growing and expanding the awareness of UST’s outstanding undergrad and graduate programs.

“I’m honored and excited to be back at UST working with such a wonderful team,” she said. “As a student, I chose St. Thomas for the small class sizes and its connection to the Catholic faith. But I got so much more—a superior education and theology and philosophy knowledge that prepared me for much more than my designated career.”

Canahuati is part of the University Events team as an events coordinator. UST brings a flood of memories.

“I will never forget sitting on a bench at Crooker Patio with friends who became sisters and always laughing so loud,” Canahuati recalled. “I remember being in the midst of such diversity, so many cultures and talented students on our campus. It was great to be a person and not just a number. Now, I feel like I’ve come home, and it feels great to know that I’m now part of something bigger, something that can change lives.”

Senior Director for Alumni Relations, Dr. Carla E. Alsandor, said, ““UST alumni are generally passionate about their alma mater and those who choose to return to the University to serve as members of our faculty or staff live out their Celtic pride and love for this special place by dedicating their professions to its continued success. We are quite fortunate to have so many UST alumni employees, including Stephanie and Samantha who recently joined the Marketing and University Relations team.”