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Two Outstanding Recognitions for the UST Esports Team

The University of St. Thomas-Houston (UST) Esports Team continues a winning streak as the group demonstrates why they are one of the best competitive collegiate esports contingents in the nation.

Not only has the UST League of Legends (LoL) Team been crowned collegiate national champions in the program's inaugural year, but now it has proudly been ranked as the No.3 collegiate program in the world by the award-governing body, Esports Awards.

"Being nominated as a top-ranked collegiate program in the world by Esports Awards is an honor. To place as highly as third is a testament to the dedication and the effort that UST Esports puts into developing the best student athletes," said Justin Pelt, UST Esports Assistant Director.

The success of the UST LoL Team during the 2022 Collegiate season is tangible proof of the team's commitment to excellence and hard work in the competitive world of esports. The team consistently performed well against seasoned veterans on the digital field, and their dedication paid off in the form of a national championship title.

Esports, School, and Life: A Balancing Act

Team member Shane "Porsche" Higginbotham uses several techniques to enhance his performance.

"Some techniques I utilized that I believe helped me play better for the 2022 College LoL (CLoL) run were reviewing all of my scrim and match games; planning during games, so I wasn't caught off guard; and placing confidence in myself as well as my teammates."

For Robert "Robbybob" Wieber, being a member of the UST Esports Team has been a balancing act between schoolwork, esports practice and family life.

"Even though being on an esports team requires a big chunk of my time, I make sure my health and classes always come first. I do this by making sure I eat at specific times every day. In-between those times, I am filling it with studying and making sure I am ready to go to class. After my classes are over for the day and I have taken the time to study for what is necessary, I am ready to begin my practice for the Esports team. This makes sure I have all the time for everything in my day, including free time for me," explains Wieber.

Making a Name for Themselves

The UST Esports team has become a powerful force in collegiate esports and will surely be a force to be reckoned with in the future.

Currently, UST is competing in the (CLoL) annual tournament to determine the best collegiate team in the country. UST will compete against some of the top collegiate teams from around the country and looks to win a back-to-back championship. The UST Esports Program was established in 2020 as an academic program, and the team began competing in 2021. According to Business Insider, esports has grown to be a $1.8 billion industry, making it one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide.

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