16:00 PM

UST Center for Int’l Studies shines unforgettable light on Ukraine

UT-Austin Professor Dr. Adam RabinowitzThe University of St. Thomas-Houston’s Center for International Studies is a Center of Excellence dedicated to inspiring and educating the next generation of global leaders. On Wednesday, March 20, the Center hosted an enlightening evening focused on Ukraine.

First, participants were treated to a screening of the award-winning documentary, “20 Days in Mariupol,” described as a “harrowing first-person account of the early days of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.” The Arlene Campbell Humanitarian Foundation co-sponsored the impactful and well-received screening. Ms. Lena Denman with the Foundation hosted Q&A afterwards.

Following that emotional journey, the second event, which was hosted by Archaeology Now, featured University of Texas at Austin Professor, Dr. Adam Rabinowitz, providing ancient and more recent archaeological information pertaining to Ukraine. This segment generated tremendous attention and support, and UST greatly thanks Becky Lao, Dr. Rabinowitz, and others associated with Archaeology Now for facilitating this magnificent event.

Panelist and Former Director of the Center for International Studies, Professor Richard SindelarLastly, the Center for International Studies hosted a dynamic panel discussion about recent geostrategic and political events in Ukraine. Panelists focused on events that pertain to the ongoing conflict with Russia, from the diverse perspectives of Turkey, the EU and the U.S. The panelists included, former Director of the Center for International Studies, Professor Richard Sindelar, former UST Professor and Historian, Dr. Ursula Muenzel, and current UST Associate Professor for International Studies, Dr. Tuba Bilgic. Guiding the discourse and subsequent Q&A was current Director of the Center for International Studies Professor Eric Botts.

Professor Botts said, "We were encouraged by the level of participation for these events and honored by the comments recognizing the university's support for the Ukrainian community offered by the Consul General Mr. Vitalii Tarasuik. I also want to express my appreciation for Patrick McCarty, Scotty Lopez for his AV support, and the students who worked into the late evening to keep everything running.  I have received high praise from several participants from within the Ukrainian community and from friends of the Center for International Studies.” 

Participation by all made the Center for International Studies’ Ukraine Day one to remember for many years to come!