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UST Nursing Programs Producing Vanguard of Next-Generation Nurses

University of St. Thomas – Houston brings out the best in people who are passionate about helping people. Nowhere is excellence more apparent than at the Carol and Odis Peavy School of Nursing. Recent cases in point: Within the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) cohorts, returning UST alumni are shining stars; the recent survey of BSN alumni produces glowing confirmations; the School has intentionally and robustly expanded its offerings.

Undergrad Nursing Students Rise Above in MSN Program

When UST undergraduate nursing students came back to earn their MSN, Graduate Nursing Student Success Center Manager, Dr. Rajesh Ramakrishnan, noticed they were distinguishing themselves within the cohort and serving as mentors to their peers.

“Our BSN alumni are already familiar with the ethos of this campus,” Ramakrishnan said. “They’ve gone through the rigor of earning a BSN at one of the best private schools of nursing. They bring all that synergy plus their professional experience into the MSN program.”

A Reflection on UST’s Outstanding BSN Program

He went on to say their performance for the MSN points to the solid preparation provided by UST’s outstanding BSN program.

“In our BSN program, we train students not only in the practice of holistic nursing but also in the personal and professional attributes, soft skills and capabilities,” Ramakrishnan added. “These set our graduates apart to thrive in the community,”

What Program Alumni Say

A survey of nurse BSN alumni supports that program‘s merit with glowing comments, including the following:

“Professor Sadler’s teaching fervor and tenacity shaped my love for maternity. Although I’m not working with mothers and babies as of yet, I definitely draw from that experience to teach my surgical patients on post-surgical care. Knowledge is power, and patients are entrusted to us nurses to place them in the best position to heal.”
— Kimberly Ramirez Ybanez, BSN ’19
CHI Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center

“I love how the holistic approach helped me as a student and professional. It has helped me understand the needs of my patients. It has helped me grow and understand that when we approach our nursing care focused on the person's mind, body, and spirit, their outcomes improve. Patients ultimately have a better understanding and experience of what they are going through.”
— Anna Rabadan, BSN ’17
ER nurse / Memorial Hermann; School Nurse / CFISD

Expansion of Offerings and Support

UST’s School of Nursing is flourishing and expanding its offerings.

Assistant Director of Admissions, Sara Johnson, said, “We’re extremely thoughtful and intentional about our offerings, which include our BSN, Accelerated BSN (ABSN), RN-to-MSN, MSN and Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) in transformational leadership. We know that these nurses will be the vanguard of the next generation nurse educators, leaders and healthcare simulation experts.”

In further support of their success, the Peavy School maintains a Nursing Student Success Center for the undergraduates and a Graduate Nursing Student Success Center for graduate students to assist with balancing academic life with work and home.

The School’s staff has recently been in touch with the Office of Alumni Relations about forming an alumni affinity chapter to foster connection and even more support among its thriving nursing community.

Senior Director of Alumni Relations, Carla E. Alsandor, Ph.D, said, “Starting this group is right in line with the Alumni Association’s recent re-launch of its Medical Alumni Affinity Chapter. We can be intentional about providing opportunities for nurses to come together as well as times to connect with other medical professionals.”

The staff also is working collaboratively with USTMAX Center, the University’s micro-campus located in Conroe, Texas, to promote the online MSN, the RN-to-MSN and DNP. The University’s decision to expand into Montgomery County is validated by the impressive growth of the north Houston region as well as the significant increase in the area’s medical facilities. The Peavy School’s holistic approach to educating and training its students is a differentiating value proposition for those wanting to excel within the field of nursing.