16:39 PM

UST Offers Free Veteran Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

L to R: Chris Sadler, Dr. Carla E. Alsandor, Dr. Beena George, Trisha Ruiz and Jay Hernandez   Twenty-two veterans – some who currently own a business and wants to strengthen it and others who want to start a new business - joined USTMAX Center at its recent Lunch and Learn on the topic of veteran entrepreneurship.

UST’s Chief Innovation Officer, Beena George, spoke about a new, Veteran Entrepreneur BootCamp that the University of St. Thomas will offer free to veterans in Montgomery County starting in January 2022. The BootCamp will offer in-person and online modules on topics relevant to running a successful business.

The event was inspired by Conroe Mayor Jody Czajkoski who wants Conroe veterans to become part of the city’s exponential growth. Czajkoski, who owns MHW Real Estate, Inc., talked with the group about his entrepreneurial experiences. To help ensure their success, Czajkoski offered the veterans his personal cell number if they wanted to talk further about their business venture ideas.

Also talking to the group was veteran Chris Sadler, owner of the Honor Café in Conroe, where the event was held. As a serial entrepreneur, Sadler had a wealth of experience to offer. He commended veterans for being instilled with honed skills learned in the military such as loyalty, “no man left behind,” chain of command, leadership and decision making in stressful situations. Sadler encouraged them to lean into these skills as they learn valuable, practical information in the BootCamp.

A recording of the Lunch & Learn program is available to view and an online registration form is available for anyone interested in joining the first dozen veterans who have already signed up for the January 2022 BootCamp,