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USTMAX Center Supports Frassati Catholic High School Golf Tournament

Frassati Catholic High School Golf TournamentRecently, the USTMAX Center sponsored a breakfast at the Charles Maguire Memorial Golf Tournament in support of Frassati Catholic High School, located in Spring, TX.

Frassati Catholic, established in 2013, and USTMAX, established in 2020, are similar in that both campuses serve a region of the Archdiocese that, for so long, did not have secondary or post-secondary Catholic education options.

Both Brenda Banegas, USTMAX recruitment counselor, and Carla E. Alsandor, PhD USTMAX senior director, were present to greet the golfers and tournament volunteers at the breakfast buffet and to tell them about the new micro-campus.

Supporting Catholic Education

Prior to joining UST, Alsandor worked at Frassati Catholic and was instrumental in launching their annual golf tournament. “Reconnecting with Frassati Catholic as a tournament sponsor enables us to not only support the high school but to also share our story,” she said. “I enjoyed visiting with parents and friends I used to work with on a regular basis. They are loyal supporters of Catholic education, so it was good to share the news that UST has a micro-campus in downtown Conroe.”

UST Student Intern is Frassati Catholic Graduate

The tournament facilitated another reunion: USTMAX Center student intern Madeline Hill and high school classmate Hunter Thomas, who both graduated from Frassati Catholic in 2018. Hill is now a junior at UST and Thomas is a junior at Sam Houston State University. They reunited at the tournament and were able to catch up over lunch. It was Thomas' first time to play in the annual tournament and his team placed second.