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USTMAX Filmmaking Class to Attend Red Carpet Premiere

USTMAX Film Practicum on location for "The Author" filmingStudents from last year’s filmmaking class at USTMAX in Conroe, Texas, are getting another rare opportunity.  They are on an exclusive guest list to attend the private August 27 red carpet premiere for “The Author,” a faith and family movie the students got to work on. While the glitzy affair is a big deal for the students, the event is enormous for Conroe, showcasing the area’s growing film production industry. Some streets around the historic Crighton Theatre, the premiere site, will have to be closed, and searchlights will broadcast excitement through the sky.

The Culmination of an Outstanding Filmmaking Class

USTMAX Film Practicum on location for feature filmFor the students, this premiere serves as a capstone. From this day forward, they will watch movies with “new eyes,” understanding all that went into them. Those who signed up for the 14-week Film Practicum class learned everything they needed to know to become filmmakers. Instructors for the course were heavyweights: former Hollywood screenwriter and adjunct professor Jeff Olsen along with Walker Cable Productions producer Sam Cable and director Chuck Walker.

From the creative aspects to the business side of movie-making, instructors broke down the process into five stages:

·      Development (including scriptwriting and fundraising)

·      Pre-production (all the logistics and casting)

·      Principal photography (lights, camera, action time)

·      Post-production (with all the shooting done, it’s time to put the show together)

·      Marketing (getting the movie out to the public)

Priceless Hands-on Experience

“Getting to be on some of the working movie locations was an incredible opportunity for the class,” Cable said. “They enjoyed it and got to work on a live set and participate in a real way with the real pressures in play. Some were production assistants, grips, helped with lighting rigs, held a boom, held a slate. Of course, you can read about this stuff and find it online, but having the hands-on experience is priceless.”

Olsen added, “The students rolled up their sleeves and jumped right in. It was an incredible opportunity for them, and we are really grateful to Walker Cable. We are hopeful for another collaboration soon.”

In all, 400 industry professionals were involved in making “The Author.” They and another 100 special guests will be invited to the premiere. Among them, almost a dozen UST students will proudly represent the 2021 USTMAX Film Practicum.